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marine safety and nautical services

Inspection and sale of inflatable liferafts:

Thanks to our experience and our highly qualified staff, we are authorised by the leading manufacturers to carry out inspections of liferafts on our own premises. Among others, the makes that we inspect are ZODIAC, DUARRY, VIKING, PLASTIMO, EUROVINIL, ARIMAR, BFA and AVON.

Repair of pneumatic dinghies:

We have attended the various courses given by pneumatic dinghy manufacturers such as ZODIAC, BOMBARD, DUARRY, VALLIANT, NARWHAL, ARIMAR, BWA, GOMMONAUTICA, etc., carefully observing the different construction processes and learning about the various fabrics with which pneumatic dinghies can be manufactured, in order that we may offer an after-sales service of the highest standard.

Inspection and sale of radio beacons:

We are the sole authorised distributor of the ACR Radio Beacon, and we have all the necessary equipment, in accordance with regulations, to correctly check the signal and the satellite reception of radio beacons, whereupon we can proceed to issue the corresponding certificates.

Hydrostatic release and battery replacement.

Inspection and sale of inflatable life jackets:

Inspection and sale of inflatable life jackets both for the fishing sector, in compliance with the new regulations, and the recreational sector.

Fire-fighting equipment:

We have staff who are qualified to carry out inspections, provide refills, perform hydraulic tests and establish fixed installations on any type of vessel.

Nautical and safety material:

Please visit our ONLINE STORE,where you will find some of the material that we can supply you with. This is a convenient and practical way to purchase.