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ROYAL DECREE 5543/2007, of 27 April, which establishes the regulations on safety and pollution prevention to be observed by fishing boats less than 24 metres in length (L).

BOE (Official Gazette) no. 131. Friday, 1 June 2007

ROYAL DECREE 1032/1999, of 18 June, which establishes the safety regulations to be observed by fishing boats 24 or more metres in length.

BOE no. 156. Thursday, 1 July 1999

ROYAL DECREE 1185/2006, of 16 October, which approves the Regulations for marine radio communications on board Spanish civilian ships.

BOE no. 261. Wednesday, 1 November 2006


ORDEN FOM/1144/2003 (MINISTERIAL ORDER), of 28 April, which establishes the safety, rescue, fire-fighting and navigation equipment, as well as the equipment to prevent foul water discharge to be carried on board recreational vessels.

BOE (Official Gazette) 113. Thursday, 12 May 2003